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For years we discussed creating a publishing company, and for years everyone we knew, from friends to publishing professionals, to accountants and attorneys all encouraged us not to do it. We considered their advice, and in 2009, the publishing company was formed and from that point it only took three years to produce what we hope will be the beginning of many hours of enjoyable reading.
There is a famous account that a professor once told John Steinbeck that he would become an author when pigs flew. As “homage” to this professor, Steinbeck’s works incorporated the winged pig (Pigaus) and the inscription, "Ad astra per alia porci," (“to the stars on the wings of a pig”) in his works. Our name Adynaton and our logo, Mr. Piggasus, were carefully chosen in deference to all the advice we received. Our motto is, "Ad astra per alia porci …ac prex" (To the stars on the wings of a pig…and a prayer.)
The derivation of the word adynaton is from ancient Greek (adunaton) meaning something that is impractical or impossible. In more modern times it refers to a figure of speech, an exaggeration or hyperbole stretched to the point of impossibility. “When pigs fly,” and “When hell freezes over,” are two common examples.
We strive to bring good books and good quality books to a niche market because we believe that reading an actual book should be both a personal and delightful experience. We do actual print runs and do not “print on demand,” so our books are warehoused and ready to be shipped the moment you place your order.
To receive wholesale pricing, (40% discount off the cover price) we require a minimum order of 5 copies or mix of any titles plus shipping and handling.
If you are outside of the U.S., or wish to speak with someone directly, please call 267-515-1299 to speak with one of our staff or send us an email.
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