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Adynaton Publishing Titles (all titles also available on Amazon)
The Complete leatherboy Handbook
Softcover Edition $21.95

The Pugilist : Erotic Boxing Adventures
Soft Cover Edition $21.95
The Pugilist: Other Erotic Boxing Tales
Soft Cover Edition $19.95
The leatherboi Journal
Softcover Edition $9.95
Shouts in the Wilderness
Soft Cover Edition $19.95
Twenty-Five Years of Living in Leather:
The National Leather Association 1986-2011
Softcover Edition $22.95
To walk with Strangers
Special Hardcover Limited Edition $19.95
Softcover Edition $17.95
Limited Hardcover Edition $39.95
E- Book for Kindle : 9.99 (ONLY ON AMAZON)
The leatherboy Journal
Softcover Edition $9.95
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